Artist Meseret Mebrate in Minnesota

Minnesota was bright, bright, bright

Minnesota was bright, bright, bright, and brightly coloured in the evening. We celebrated Ethiopian Day with Ethiopian love and brotherhood and with heartfelt celebrations.💚💛❤️
As a volunteer ambassador to the Ethiopian Heart and Children’s Center, I was invited to the stadium as a guest of honour to inform my audience of the sacred purpose of my visit.
Dear Minnesota people, I bow to your unspeakable respect and love for your words.
The brilliant love you give me wherever I go is amazing. Respect, folks!
Above all, Abunandent blessing for you guys who come to the tent to help the children and show your support by donating money to the centre.
I am really moved by the dedication of the children who donated their candy money to help the centre. Bless you, all!
I like to express my sincere gratitude for the support of the festival’s organizer, Enoch Alemayehu.
He also came up with a beautiful idea for me to attend the program, at the Ras Restaurant and Lounge, in St. Paul, Minnesota, today at 2 pm, and help the centre better by connecting with other charities who can help.
Thanks for your good thoughts, brother.
Ermi Gebeya, thank you for your generous donation of $ 1,000 (US) in addition to our hospitality.
All in all, thank you to all my friends in Minnesota who have treated me with so much love. I also thank you for selling the gifts to help the centre.
I love you!
@richo clothing Thank you so much for your beautiful design dress emblazoned with my country’s flag.
I believe in God that my people will stand with me to support this good cause. Thank you for not embarrassing me.
It is my prayer that our idea will succeed and we will achieve our goal.
Stay healthy!
A little help means a lot to the children, and you are sharing a lot of blessings by sharing a little!
Help us repair broken hearts.

Support The Centre

Abisiniya bank: 60263547

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: 1000001839806

Awash Bank: 01308236167000

Dashen Bank: 0041600483011

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