Meseret Mebrate

Meseret Mebrate who adoringly and affectionately known as Mesi was born in Ethiopia Addis Ababa in a place called Gibi Gabriel. She grew up there and raised by her mom and dad. The award-winning artist has one brother and two younger sisters.
Meseret Mebrate is a beautiful person. She is a warm-hearted and affectionate person too.


Meseret performed her first stage act in a drama called Yeleb Esat. She started her acting career in a church doing a spiritual play. When the author of Yeshama Emba discovered her acting talent in the church, he overwhelmingly believed in her true potential. Ultimately impressed by her skills, he decided to cast her in his film Yeshama Emba. That was a massive opportunity for Mesi to make a breakthrough in the Ethiopian television show.
Through determination, resilience and hard work, she finally made the breakthrough. Her debut film Yeshama Emba has been a success. The public adored her overwhelmingly, and she instantly became a household name. Her hard work paid off. Eventually, she gained public recognition and the respect she undoubtedly deserved. She has been unstoppable ever since.


The film industry in Ethiopia is growing but still faces challenges that have prevented it from fully flourishing.

Merate has done various film projects in the past and has got No1 by public voting to win an award for her incredible acting talent in a drama known as Dana. The award-winning artist has been on many radio and TV programs since she had public recognition. She has done several films in the past years. But a film called Gudifecha helped her gain massive recognition and admiration in Ethiopia and among the Ethiopian Diaspora across the globe.

Meseret Mebrate studied at Addis Ababa University, currently lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She got married in 2018.

Meseret Mebrate Wedding

The famous Ethiopian actress and celebrity got married in April 2018 in a low key ceremony. Artist Meseret Mebrate married Zewedu Shibabaw that is the brother of another prominent Ethiopian artist, Egigayehu Shibabaw.

meseret mebrate weddingHer wedding has escaped the limelight and though widely reported after the fact. Meseret is also known for her graceful appearances on several screen movies & TV series has earned massive respect from her fans for her generous spirit and versatility. Meseret has won various film awards in Ethiopia. She is one of the most consistent in the profession, starting her career from an early age with a famous AIDS awareness TV drama, Yeshama Emba.
Though she has a relentless dedication to the orthodox Christian faith, Meseret kept her wedding and relationship life out of the media lens. However, the wedding came as a pleasant surprise for her fans. In recent years, media in Ethiopia have been giving a buzz about weddings of celebrities.
So now, fans across the world are pouring their best wishes to the newlyweds.

Source: Ethio Fidel


Meseret Mebrate with her husband Zewdu Shibabaw


Meseret Mebrate with her beloved mother


Meseret Mebrate with her beloved father

Meseret Mebrate

Meseret Mebrate with her friend Fikadu T/Mariam


Meseret was one of the leading actors in Gemena Drama – the longest episode TV show in Ethiopia. Despite her fame and recognition, Meseret contested with other 80 women to win her character (Blen) in Gemena Drama. She has won an award for ‘Best Artist of Gemena Drama’ for her role Blen. She was one of the leading actors in Bekenat Mekakel drama/theatre (Ethiopian TV episode)


Meseret Mebrate, a prominent actress, is the Ethiopian Cardiac Center’s Goodwill Ambassador and is regularly featured in the video to raise awareness about the center. She has successfully conducted several fundraising campaigns and raised hundreds and thousands of money for the center in the last few years. The Cardiac Centre has carried out 5000 open-heart surgery for children to date.

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