Ethiopian Day Festival in Seattle

Ethiopian Day Festival in Seattle

My fellow Ethiopians have shown their concern by donating all they can.

My dear friends, I was the guest of honour on behalf of the Ethiopian Heart Pediatric Resource Center at the Ethiopian Day Festival in Seattle today.
My fellow Ethiopians have shown their concern by donating all they can to a tent set up to raise money for the children.
Ethiopia and Ethiopianness was a beautiful program.
Long live my people
On behalf of the Center, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the cohost of the program, Delsh Lema, for sponsoring my stay in Seattle in support of this sacred idea.
He also told me that he has been planning to raise funds in the city in recent days. It is my prayer that his sincerity will work.
The artists who helped me financially by coordinating and financing this good work, saying that this service is for all of us and the children are our children.
Artist Fantish Bekele
Artist Tsegaye Eshetu
Artist Hamelmal Abate
Artist Tadele Daba God Bless you
Also, my twin sisters, who grew up in the United States with perfect Ethiopian decency, although they were born in Ethiopia, have been helping me until late at night.
Rebekah Isaac
Humility Isaac
I have no words to express my gratitude. My respect and love for your support are significant. I love you
Richo clothing helped me with beautiful traditional costumes.
May God, the God of the children, multiply your reward many times over for all of you who have helped me in various ways.
Dear Ethiopians, I would like to ask you to attend Ethiopian Day in Minnesota tomorrow (September 5) and come to the tent to support the children.
In addition to our sales, the centre has created favourable conditions for those who want to help more.
The Bank of Abyssinia has opened a bank account where you can help directly, and we urge you to support the children from where you are and wipe away their parents’ tears.
God bless Ethiopia 💚💛❤️
Help us repair broken  hearts 💔

Ethiopian Day Festival in Seattle

Support The Centre

Abisiniya bank: 60263547

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: 1000001839806

Awash Bank: 01308236167000

Dashen Bank: 0041600483011

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