Ethiopia’s Cardiac Centre Thanksgiving

Ethiopian Cardiac Centre Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: The Ethiopian Cardiac Center has started its annual Thanksgiving program by thanking the Ministry of Health.
The ministry has been growing support for the Ethiopian Heart Center as a superintendent.
We have thanked the Minister of Health, Dr Leah Tadesse, for her support, by providing her with certificates and flowers.
She promised us that their next journey of fellowship would continue.
The Heart Center would like to thank them for their support now and in the future.
We would also like to thank Ethio Telecom for providing free internet broadcasts, including 67/10 SMS, and for providing significant support to the Heart Center.
Although we could not find Ms Frehiwot Tamrat due to work, we were present in her office and gave our gifts. We hope that their support will continue.
We are grateful to the Public Service Workers Transport Service Enterprise for supporting the centre throughout the year. We had some great discussions with Director General Woro Frehiwot about our next steps.
We had also extended our heartfelt congratulations to Dr Belay Abegaz, the founder of the Heart Center at his residential home. The wise man who helped to repair the hearts of many children! We wish you a long life.
When we thank a few good ones, we produce a lot of strong ones !!!
Let’s fix broken hearts.

Support The Centre

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: 1000001839806

Awash Bank: 01308236167000

Dashen Bank: 0041600483011

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