Happy Ethiopian New Year

Happy Ethiopian New Year

You crown the year with Your bounty, and Your paths overflow with plenty. ps 65:11
My dear Ethiopians, living inside and abroad, Happy Ethiopian New Year
A New Year! New hope! New life!
Although all days are the same, the word new always longs for something new.
The past is full of sorrow, weeping, sickness, famine, persecution, war, bloodshed, misery, and injustice, and it has to end.
Let’s join hands in love and support each other and get out of this mess.
I believe! The cloud will push, the sun of mercy will rise, the weeping eyes will be healed, the wounded hearts will be healed, the prayers of the saints will save my country.
I believe my people’s journey is exhausting, but there is hope from the top of the mountain.
Although I spent the holiday away from my family, I am happier because it is for a sacred purpose.
As the meaning of the holiday is to be with the sad ones, all of you need to help the needy, especially children suffering from heart disease. Using # 67/10, I would like to ask you to have a meaningful holiday by giving a gift of one Birr to the children.
God bless the future! May 2014 be a time of joy, reconciliation, peace, success, happiness, and the fulfilment of our hearts.

Happy Ethiopia New Year

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