Rejoice, thou that art full of grace,

Rejoice, thou that art full of grace

“Albki nirr weimintni la’eleki.” Ecclesiastes 4: 7
“My friend, you are all beautiful and without blemish.”
“Rejoice, thou that art full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.”
Luke 1:28
Drawn in the conscience of the Father; Chosen of all creation to give birth to God, You are sanctified, Pure Lady: May your love sweeten our lives; May your intercession wipe out our tears, may your blessings enrich our lives, may your prayers refresh our hearts.
Debre Matmak Tsadqane Mariam, my mother
How fragrant your door is!
Blessings of the Blessed Fathers, The melody of the scholars refreshes the spirit.
Mass Media Ethiopian Thoughts🙏
May God bless the people of the year to celebrate the end of the church and gather at the Holy of Holies !!!

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