Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

HAPPY SUNDAY Happy Sabbath my friends🙌@richosclothing Your traditional costumes are as beautiful as ever. Bless your hand@johnny_video_production Jhony video Thanks for the photos. Bright day Amharic THANKS TO RICHOS CLOTHING, JOHNNY VIDEO HAPPY SUNDAY

Abebech Gobena

RIP Abebech Gobena

RIP Abebech Gobena Abebech Gobena: Mother of many! Practical Kindness! Thank you for teaching us to live in love🙌Your good deeds will live beyond the grave. May your soul be with the righteous saints. Amharic ABEBECH GOBENA MOTHER OF MANY, RIP Your good deeds will live beyond the grave

strong woman

A strong woman may remain silent

A strong woman may remain silent A strong woman may remain silent when people talk behind her back. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t notice. It simply means she chooses not to waste her energy in foolishness. She has more important things to do. Read More

Meseret Mebrate

Ethiopian National Team Supporter’s Association

Ethiopian National Team Supporters Association Thank you so much for making me an honorary member of the Ethiopian National Team Supporters Association. God bless you! I am glad to share my honorary membership with my brother artist Solomon Bogale and Ashenafi Seifu. I have great respect for the national charitable work of the association. Be […]

Why are you jealous?

Why are you jealous?

Why are you jealous? The story goes that the demons were trying to offend a monk. The monk was a skilled craftsman who had fought for many years. The demonic forces, led by their leader, set out to deceive the monk. One by one, they approached him and set a trap for him. They tried […]

zemi yenus

RIP Zemi Yenus

RIP Zemi Yenus You were the mother of many! It will be difficult to lose you and your big dreams. I hoped you would recover and live your dream. What God said happened. Covid 19 is simply killing people we love and respect, so my friends, be careful. Zemiye, rest in peace, my friend. Amharic

a rising star

A rising star of film

Ethiopia: rising star of film By Samuel Getachew, Toronto, Canada 22 JUNE 2011   At last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, I stood up and asked a daring question to actress Natalie Portman. I was covering the event for a local Ethiopian Canadian newspaper and knew she had recently visited the country, so I asked […]

Woman's Day

Happy International Woman’s day

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY East Africa bottling share company Coca Cola. Thank you so much for the flower gift you sent me on International Women’s Day. Happy International Women’s Day To All The Women Out There In The World.



ADWA – አድዋ የተሰጠኝ ህይወት ዛሬ በነፃነትሰው ተከፍሎበታል ከ ደምና ከ አጥንትስንት ወገን ወደቀ በነፃነት ምድርትናገር አድዋ ትናገር ትመስክርትናገር አድዋ ትናገር ሀገሬእንዴት እንደቆምኩኝ ከፊታችሁ ዛሬ::አድዋ ዛሬ ናት አድዋ ትላንትመቼ ተነሱና የወዳደቁትምስጋና ለነሱ የአድዋ ጀግኖችለዛሬው ማንነት ላበቁኝ ወገኖች::የጥቁር ድል አምባ አድዋ-እምዬ ኢትዮጵያተናገሪ የድል ታሪክሽን አውሪ::እጅጋየሁ ሽባባው(ጂጂ) the queen አክብሮትና ምስጋና በደም በአጥንታቸው ይቺን ውብ ሀገር ላቆዩልን; በተጋድሎ […]


ድንግል ሆይ

ድንግል ሆይ ድንግል ሆይ እሳተ መለኮት በሆድሽ ባደረ ጊዜ ፊቱ እሳት ልብሱ እሳት ቀሚሱ እሳት ነው:: እንደምን አላቃጠለሽም:: ሰባት የእሳት ነበልባል መጋረጃ በሆድሽ ውስጥ ወዴት ተዘጋጀ ወዴትስ ተጋረደ ከጎንሽ በቀኝ ነውን ወይስ ከጎንሽ በግራ ነውን ትንሽ አካል ስትሆኝ?የሚያንፀባርቅ ነደ እሳት የሚከበው ኪሩቤል የሚሸከሙት ዙፋን በሆድሽ ውስጥ በወዴት ተዘጋጀ ወዴትስ ተተከለ:: ታናሽ ሙሽራ ስትሆኝ?ከገረድነት ጋር እናትነት […]