Ethiopia’s Cardiac Centre Thanksgiving

Ethiopian Cardiac Centre Thanksgiving Thanksgiving: The Ethiopian Cardiac Center has started its annual Thanksgiving program by thanking the Ministry of Health. The ministry has been growing support for the Ethiopian Heart Center as a superintendent. We have thanked the Minister of Health, Dr Leah Tadesse, for her support, by providing her with certificates and flowers. […]

untold story

The Untold Story About Artist Meseret Mebrate

The Untold Story About Artist Meseret Mebrate Helen had a dream. She says: In my dream, Meseret Mebrate brought me the baby. I took her to a doctor. Standing up, just in front of me, the doctor was operating on the baby. Then the baby got up and sat down on the bed. And Meseret […]

Hydrogeological Investigator

Hydrogeological Investigator’s support!

Hydrogeological Investigator’s support! We are looking for Hydrogeological Investigator’s support! Ethiopian Heart Pediatric Center needs a hydrogeologist to help drill wells in the courtyard of The Heart apartment. We invite professionals or organizations in this field to assist in developing this diagnostic work, which is a significant contributor to the treatment of heart disease patients. […]

the righteous

Bless the tongue of the righteous

Bless the tongue of the righteous Dear Alex Girma God bless you, brother! Serving my people is my blessing. It is my prayer that my little start will finally be more beautiful. Your prayers and kind words are my strength so Bless the tongue of the righteous Original Post

Meseret Mebrate

I am not walking by sight

I am not walking by sight I am not walking by sight, I am walking by faith! #iamblessed Have a nice day, dear friends Watch original post on My Instagram Page Insagram Previous Next

Than you Elias

Thank You Elias

Thank you dear Elias for telling the truth Thank you Elias for telling the truth I was surrounded by persecutors; I am amazed every time I see honest people who seem far away but who are closely following my case! I have given everything to God and my focus is on my ministry. Dear Elias, […]

Rip Rachel

RIP Rachel

RIP Rachel – My Good Sister Rachel, my good sister who loves and care for others! Your sudden death is heartbreaking💔 You went to your promised land with your love and hope without seeing your longings and desires. What can we say! God made it happen. Your memories live on forever when your dreams and […]

I miss playing

I miss playing like other children

I miss playing like other children When the children of my village left the house and run around with their friends every dayI can only watch them playI watched them being happy I want to be like them because I love running around like themBut running hurts my heart; I get tired quicklyThen I will […]

book launch

Book launch at the Heart Centre

Book Launch at the Heart centre ‘Escape from Self’ by Hawi Getachew and Mulu Derbe Yesterday, we hosted the new book launch, “Escape from Self” by Hawi Getachew and Mulu Derbe. We profoundly thank the two young authors for their contribution to the sale of this book, which is intended to support the work of […]

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

HAPPY SUNDAY Happy Sabbath my friends🙌@richosclothing Your traditional costumes are as beautiful as ever. Bless your hand@johnny_video_production Jhony video Thanks for the photos. Bright day Amharic THANKS TO RICHOS CLOTHING, JOHNNY VIDEO HAPPY SUNDAY