he has risen

He has risen

He Has Risen He has risen!!! “But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.” (1 Corinthians 1: 3) He could never have a grave. The King of the Resurrection The Lord of the Resurrection! He rose from the dead with love and rose from the dead! Happy […]

I saw him Calvary

I saw him Calvary

I saw him Calvary I saw Calvary. I saw CalvaryI found the Lord I was thirsty forI was relieved to be carrying my loadHe is sick of my life that gave me life.Singer Tewodros Yosef “And when they came unto the place which is called The Skull, There, they crucified him, and the malefactors, one […]

Meseret Mebrate

Abem youth Academy

Abem Youth Academy Abem Youth Academy donated 75,000 Birr to the Ethiopian Cardiac Center from the sale of coupons to teachers, parents and the school community under the motto “Praise our heroes with generosity and good deeds”, on the occasion of his annual charity day. The Heart Center would like to thank you for your […]

Meseret Mebrate

Betopia properties

Betopia properties Yesterday, we were represented by the owner and manager of Betopia Properties, Mr. Sukeri Hereddin (Munir) on behalf of the Ethiopian Cardiac  Center at the Sheraton Hotel Lalibela Hall for the ceremony prepared for their family and friends. Charity is one of the most important spiritual obligations in Islam. It is believed that […]



Hossana The word “Hosanna” is made up of two Aramaic words, meaning “Please help, save now.” In Hebrew, it says, “Hosanna.” “Save now, please help us” is the cry for Adam’s offspring and death, “Hosanna” !!! Long ago, the prophet David saw the Holy Spirit calling for deliverance and saying, His inner eyes are far […]

a rising star

A rising star of film

Ethiopia: rising star of film By Samuel Getachew, Toronto, Canada 22 JUNE 2011   At last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, I stood up and asked a daring question to actress Natalie Portman. I was covering the event for a local Ethiopian Canadian newspaper and knew she had recently visited the country, so I asked […]

gumma film award

Gumma Film Award

About Gumma Film Award Gummma Film Award is an Ethiopian film award annually hosted by EBSTV and Ethiofilm plc. This film award will be broadcasted by Ethiopian Broad Casting service /EBS/ exclusively to million viewers each year. Its sole aim is also to acknowledge and honour the best performing films. According to the organizers, Gumma […]