Holy Sabbath with holy service !!!

Holy Sabbath with holy service !!!

Holy Sabbath with holy service !!! Holy Sabbath with holy service !!! Today I was present on behalf of the Children’s Heart Center at St. Mary’s Orthodox Tewahedo Church and St. Michael’s Cathedral in DC In the context of the blessings I received from our Blessed Father Abune Fanuel, I explained to my people in […]

Let us repair broken hearts

Let Us Repair Broken Hearts

Come on! Let Us Repair Broken Hearts. Come on! Let us repair broken hearts. This coming Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at the Meaza Restaurant from 6:00 P.m. We warmly invite you to take part in the fundraising event. Address: 5700 Columbia bike Falls church, VA 22041 Phone: (763) 501-7252 (571) 241-0398 Blessed be the hands […]

Support Wollo

Support North Wollo

Support The Poeple Of North Wollo Support North Wollo and Afar people of Ethiopia Our nation’s pain breaks the heart💔 The people of North Wollo, who treat everyone with love, are in dire need of food. And so is Afar. Let us reach them as much as we can. Let’s support those who are suffering […]

Meseret Mebrate

Ethiopia Day In Atlanta

Ethiopia Day In Atlanta Ethiopian Day in Atlanta; was accompanied by the blessings of the religious fathers and the most beautiful scenes. I share the sacred purpose of being invited as a guest of honour. The secret of Ethiopianness is a unique imprint! My beloved people who attended the program worked hard to save the […]

Enkutatash 2014 EC

Enkutatash In Atlanta

Enkutatash – Ethiopian New Year in Atlanta New Year (Enkutatash) in Atlanta Thank you, my sister, Wegayehu, for your beautiful hospitality. Children who sang “Do you see flowers (Abeba Ayesh Woy)” were enlightenment for the celebration. Thanks to parents who taught them to grow up without abandoning their culture. Amharic Enkutatash Enkutatash (Ge’ez: እንቁጣጣሽ) is […]

Happy Ethiopia New Year

Happy Ethiopian New Year

Happy Ethiopian New Year You crown the year with Your bounty, and Your paths overflow with plenty. ps 65:11My dear Ethiopians, living inside and abroad, Happy Ethiopian New YearA New Year! New hope! New life!Although all days are the same, the word new always longs for something new.The past is full of sorrow, weeping, sickness, […]

Bless The Donating Hands

Bless The Donating Hands!!!

Bless The Donating Hands !!! Bless the donating hands !!! Isaac Isaac Pageman, owner of the watch company, Isaac Mohammed, has donated 100,000 birr to the Ethiopian Heart and Children’s Resource Center. On behalf of the Heart Center, I thank you for your generosity and gift of watches. Thanks Mickey for helping us coordinate. Thousands […]

fund raising

Fund Raising At Ras Restaurant Minnesota

Fund Raising At Ras Restaurant Minnesota #Thank you sincerely$ 14,000 was raised in just three hours at a fundraising event at the Restaurant and Lounge #Ethiopia for Children with Heart Disease in Minnesota yesterday. On behalf of the Heart Center, I truly thank you all for your support.You have been blessed twice as much.May God […]

Nib International Bank Donates

Nib International Bank Donates Nib International Bank, which inaugurated its huge and modern building last week, has donated three million Birr to help children with heart disease. Congratulations on this massive achievement, and we sincerely thank you for supporting us as we have in the past. Learn more #NIB | #CSR#CHFE | #CCE Amharic Support […]

Minnesota Meseret Mebrate

Artist Meseret Mebrate in Minnesota

Minnesota was bright, bright, bright Minnesota was bright, bright, bright, and brightly coloured in the evening. We celebrated Ethiopian Day with Ethiopian love and brotherhood and with heartfelt celebrations.As a volunteer ambassador to the Ethiopian Heart and Children’s Center, I was invited to the stadium as a guest of honour to inform my audience of […]