The heroine achieved her goal !!!

The heroine achieved her goal !!!

Balageru TV Report

Hiwot Kebede Happy Birthday 

Under the coordination of journalist Hiwot Tadesse based in the United States, the TikTok Group named ‘Kind Way’, which calls Ethiopians worldwide has donated money to the Ethiopian Cardiac Centre at various times. The group raise money on social media such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Again today, regarding Hiwot birthday, the group donated 1,000,000 (one million) birr raised by fellow Ethiopians through social media. The money has been granted to the Heart Centre by their representative.

The Heart Center would like to thank you for your financial support.
Children who have received medical assistance in the past are also thanking you with their kind words.

Above all, using social media for such a good cause is constructive and inspire others to do good deeds. We are proud of you!!

Dear Hiwi, my sincere friend, an honest woman, I do not know how to thank you. I keep a close eye on your activities, and I cannot express in words how amazing you are. May the Highest God bless you with endless blessings, for you have devoted yourself to this good cause by sacrificing your working hours, family and children time. Congratulations! Happy Birthday! Journalist Anteneh Kebede, her husband, Thank you for being her encouraging partnership. If you did not support her, she would have been slow to achieve her goal.

My dear Ethiopian people, you shared all you can and helped to save the children. May your good wishes come true! And blessed are all my brothers and sisters who are willing to use their social media for this good cause!

How happy it is to achieve one’s goal! After sending the last money, she said, “Messiye, pray. My next plan is to deposit one million Birr.” “Heroine, you will succeed,” I told her. With God’s help, she achieved what she wanted. My friends, bless this great woman !!!

When I think of you and sincere people like you, it gives me the strength to overcome the challenges I face in my philanthropic responsibilities. Bless you, many times over!

As we said, an average of 100,000 Birr (one hundred thousand Birr) is needed to treat the heart of a child, which means that now ten children will receive medical treatment because of your donation! What could be happier than keeping children hopeful?

Dear friends, please help Hiwi and her friends with their social media charitable work.
Hiwin and her friends still keep impressing us all !!!

My people, thousands of kids are waiting for you.
This work is not limited to a few; it is the responsibility of all us journalists, artists, writers, YouTubers, Tiktokers and\ the mainstream media and social media influencers – Be the voice of these children as much as you can.
Give your money if you can afford it and heal their broken hearts! Wipe away their parents’ tears.
My plea is in love

ETV Health Program Report

Support The Centre

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: 1000001839806

Awash Bank: 01308236167000

Dashen Bank: 0041600483011

Abay Bank: 1021817336052015

Abisinia Bank: 60263547


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