Why are you jealous?

Why are you jealous?

The story goes that the demons were trying to offend a monk. The monk was a skilled craftsman who had fought for many years. The demonic forces, led by their leader, set out to deceive the monk. One by one, they approached him and set a trap for him. They tried to tempt him with sexual immorality. Failed. They tried food and were defeated. They tried to discard the temptations they knew, but they could not.

Their leader said, “Eat this time, look at what I am doing.” Something in his ear immediately sent him off. As the demons watched, they saw the monk’s spiritual face dimmed and his face changed in anger and rage. What do you think you won? They asked their chief. He said: ‘Your friend, who grew up with you and studied with you, has been appointed patriarch of Alexandria,’ and I left. Now his heart is burning with jealousy. The demons danced with joy.

Satan knows the power of jealousy. When the Bible describes death, it says, “He entered into the world through the envy of Satan.” Satan envied Adam and Eve by envying them and their desire to be God. When the monk heard the appointment of his peer, he could not resist the jealousy.

Jealousy is a serious sin. If a person commits adultery, he is in the flesh. But jealousy is a poison that grows in the mind. Cain was jealous of his mild-tempered brother. Abel’s success was seen as a failure on Cain’s part.

Joseph wore a colourful robe, and his brothers hated him. Every day, you find jealous people like Joseph’s brothers who would love to see you die.
Joseph did not rest on his laurels. He went on to tell them the dream; He says they hate him more because of the dream. My friend, do not just tell your dreams to others. I do not mean only what you see in your dreams.

Jealous people like Joseph’s brothers could be worried about your vision, your hope, and your plans. Even if they do not understand the meaning of the word, they will hate you for your unfulfilled dreams. “Why did you dream of him?” They will bite you. But Joseph told them that he did not understand. My friend, if you, like Joseph, sow your dreams with meekness, may the God of Joseph protect you.

Jealousy is very serious. It was also a song of mourning for the shepherd David when he killed Goliath. They sang: ‘Saul has killed thousands, but David has killed thousands.’ When the song reaches Saul, he throws his spear at David. The day Saul heard someone else praise him, they became jealous and drew their swords, even on the dining table.

Think of the lost son’s brother. (Luke 15:20) When his brother returned, he rejoiced with all his heart. My friend, jealousy drives you out of the church and the kingdom of God. If you are frustrated by the success of the other person; you will be sitting outside, staring at the ground, grumbling and grumbling.

The Jews’ criticism of Christ was based on jealousy, not lawlessness. ‘Pilate knew that they had betrayed him,’ he says. Sometimes people, like the Jews, cover up their jealousy with something else. They reflect the jealousy and hatred within them as if they were concerned about God’s law, their sympathy for his system.

They spoke angrily about the abolition of the Sabbath, the payment of taxes to Caesar, and the demolition and reconstruction of the temple in three days, but the fact is that they were jealous. As the master said, “Jealousy of your house devours me.” Man’s greed consumes many innocent people.

My friend: if you are jealous of others, save yourself right now from this cancer that will eat you up.

Do not compare yourself with others. No one on earth has been created like you by God. No one has ever been created like you before and will never be created. Do not compare yourself with others, for you are the best thing that God has ever done and will never do again.

There is a gift that is given only to you. The key to your life is buried within you. Forget about others and go deeper into yourself. If you want to excel, surpass yourself and be a bigger person.

Love others so that you do not become envious of them. If you love them, you will not be jealous and their success will be the source of your happiness. When you feel jealous, ask God, ‘Heal my jealous heart.’

Let us walk decently, Let us not become egotistical, stirring up competition with one another, envying one another. ”Romans 13 ፡ 13

Deacon Enoch Haile
Aleta Wondo Ethiopia
January 13, 2021

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That the word of God, which is the rest of the troubled soul, may reach to all. Pray for me that I may not be rejected after I preach to you!

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Why are you jealous?
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